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Philippe CostaglioliPhilippe Costaglioli

International Cinema and Aesthetics

Office: Performing Arts Center 208
Phone: (320) 308-5114

Philippe has been teaching at St Cloud State since 1991. Raised and educated in Europe [France and Catalunya (Barcelona)] Philippe is a native speaker of Catalan, French and Spanish. As a scholar, his interests, passion and expertise have been nourished by four parallel fields: Sociolinguistics, philosophy of language (and translation), comparative literature study and last but not least film studies.

Philippe did his Masters (1989), doctoral work (1991) and post doctoral work (1998) at the University of Toulouse, France as well as in collaboration with the University of Barcelona (Catalunya). As a scholar Philippe has explored connections between spirituality and sensuality, problems of symbolic and visual representations in contemporary discourse and film. International cinema is a crucial component of his teaching material.

Philippe is also a published poet as well as a performer. He constantly pursues collaborations with composers, musicians, painters, photographers and of course filmmakers. His work has been shown in the states, France, Spain and the Czech Republic.

As a teacher Philippe wants to instill in his students a passion for the aesthetics and ethics of cinema through developing a taste and ability for analytical and symbolic interpretation of a film. Philippe also encourages his students to creatively explore what they have learned throughout the semester (through film, writing, photography and even music).

Philippe is currently working for our Program as a Liaison with the University of Lyon (France) to build for our students an extraordinary opportunity to go study film in the city of the Lumiere brothers.

Classes Philippe has taught include:

FS 264 - Spirit of Childhood
FS 264/394 -International Cinema
FS 394 - Italian Cinema
FS 395 - Cinema of Love and Love of Cinema: Jacques Demy and Agnes Varda
FS 395 - Pedro Almodovar
FS 464 - Women in Cinema
FS 464 - Melodrama, Emotions and Excess
FS 464 - American Mavericks

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