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Production Archive - Repertory Dance Theatre 2007 - Modern Fairy Tales

Choreographers: John Munger, April Sellers and Tracy Vacura
Costumes Designed By: Jeffrey Bleam and Rebecca White
Lighting Designed By: Matthew Earley, Stacy Schultz, Brandon Raper, Krystal Kasulis, Scott Wittrock, Adam Raine, Michelle Haugerud, Philip Hoks and Dave Borron

Alice's Parts (24)Alice's Parts (26)Alice's Parts (31)Alice's Parts (33)Beauty White (41)Beauty White (44)Bloody Knuckles (49)Bloody Knuckles (55)Committee in Session (60)COmmittee in Session (66)Parasites (5)Parasites (10)Parasites (12)Parasites (14)


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