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Faculty Learning Communities (FLC)

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Faculty Learning Communities (FLC):

Faculty Learning community is a cross disciplinary faculty and staff group who engage in a collaborative yearlong program with a curriculum about enhancing teaching and learning. FLC hosts frequent seminars and activities that provide learning, development, teaching, and community building. A small budget provides for supplies, refreshments, professional travel, or speakers.

During the fall semester, members of the FLC will design their SOTL project in the topic area of their FLC. They will conduct a review of the literature, finalize their research questions and develop methods of intervention. They will also apply for the Institutional Review for Human Subjects Research. In the spring semester the members will implement the projects and evaluate the learning of students and themselves. The FLC would then share the results of their work within the university or externally in a peer reviewed conference proposal. The FLC may additionally choose to write up their project for publications.


Communities of Practice (CoP):

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who share a common concern, a set of problems, or have some interest in a topic and who come together with a facilitator to fulfill both individual and group goals. At SCSU, Communities of Practice are groups of faculty and staff who commit to regularly scheduled seminars on a focus area in teaching and learning followed by actions such as planning and trying out the techniques that are learned.

Objectives of a CoP would therefore include 1) exploration and study of theoretical and practical perspectives on the topic, 2) piloting of short term or semester-long activities in classes or in our broader work with students, and 3) reflecting upon individual and collective experiences.



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2016-2017 FLC and CoP's

CETL is proud to announce the approval of the 2016-2017 Faculty Learning Communities and Communities of Practice.

Faculty and Professional Learning Community

  • Assessing the Impact of Anti-Racist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum (ARPAC)

    Facilitators: Melissa Prescott, Darlene St. Clair, Debra Leigh & Kyoko Kishimoto

    • Objective: To assess the impact of the Anti-Racist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum (ARPAC) project on faculty participants and students who enroll in course taught by faculty participants.
  • Common Reading Program

     Facilitators: Jennifer Quinlan, Shannon Olsen, Beth Berila, Darlene St. Clair, Christina Metzo

    • Objective: The project for the FLC as a collective will be to develop and conduct book talks and faculty development materials and workshops to support teaching of the common reading book, particularly in introductory level courses and first year seminars
  • Backward Design

    Facilitators: Kate Pound, Mike Rogers, Kristin Bratt, Nancy Sundheim
    • Objective: Research the Backward Design (UbD) process on a K-12 as well as collegiate level with faculty from SCSU and the local school district.

Communities of Practice

  • Anti-Racist Pedagogy

    Facilitators: Darlene St. Clair & Melissa Prescott
    • Focus Area: Support faculty who have previously participated in the Anti-Racist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum (ARPAC) Project.
  • Creating a Caring Culture: Confronting Bullying at SCSU

    Facilitators: Rachel Wexelbaum, Mary Clifford, Tom Hergert, Mark Jaede, Frances Kayona, Debra Leigh & Alex Palacco
    • Focus Areas: Anti-bullying education, interpersonal skill development, conflict resolution, organizational change, Husky Compact, campus climate assessment, safe spaces, diversity training, personal empowerment, and mindfulness.