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April 1st Workshop 2016

Provost Session: Re-imagining the First Year

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Universal Design for Learning

This session will provide information on basic Universal De-sign for Learning principles including strategies on how to help all of your students be more successful through creation of accessible course content and materials.




Creating an environment where students can succeed and thrive is the responsibility of all members of our community. Campus research shows that committed faculty, working with talented and dedicated staff and students, leads to greater student satisfaction.

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Create Mission & Vision Statement

Create Goals, Objectives or Outcomes

Entering Outcomes


Growing Intelligence

Participants in this session will get an introduction to the basic steps in learning and come away with strategies to help their students develop the growth mindset that will foster their success.



D2l Brightspace

Explore tools to help you work smarter, not harder! Intelligent Agents and release conditions can help you automate course tasks for significant time savings.



Husky First Four

This session is meant to discuss the Huskies’ 1st 4 orientation and explore opportunities for academic connections and faculty involvement throughout orientation. Faculty involvement during orientation is very important and impacts students as soon as they get to campus. We will discuss different opportunities for faculty to get involved throughout the Huskies 1st 4 orientation weekend, as well as opportunities for academic connections for new students.


Is It Time for Turnitin?

Given the focus on student success, is it time for Turnitin? Let’s examine the benefits of this learning tool. Join us for a roundtable discussion about Turnitin (plagiarism software). Do faculty need this software? If you have used Turnitin—tell us about it. What are the pros and cons? What did you like or dislike?


Do I Belong Here?

Please join us for a facilitated conversation about interventions UT-Austin has introduced to improve students’ sense of belonging at the university and their academic and personal success. Participants will generate concrete strategies for incorporating similar interventions on our campus. In the session, you will be discussing the article, “Who Gets to Graduate?” about the underlying cause of who really graduates from college.


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Direct Declare

During the this academic year, a team of department chairs, advising and registration professionals and institutional re-searchers have engaged in a pilot project to redesign SCSU’s major admission processes and allow students to directly declare their major program upon admission to SCSU. The goal is to remove process barriers for students to enter and move through their major coursework and to create clear milestones for students to gauge their academic progress.


First Year Seminar

This session will present some of the hallmark student learning outcomes that make these seminars high impact opportunities for faculty and students. It will also review the opportunities for faculty to participate in SCSU’s first year seminar pilot initiative in fall 2016-2107 and what membership in the First Year Seminar Community of Practice entails. Whether you are able to offer a first year seminar or not, the principles presented in this session can also help you think about sup-porting any first year student in your courses.






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