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October Teaching and Learning Colloquium


OCT. 10TH, 2013

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Keynote presenter: Dr. S. Craig Watkins, Author of The Young and the Digital

S. Craig Watkins studies young people's social, digital, and mobile media behaviors. He is a Professor in the Department of Radio, Television, and Film at the University of Texas, Austin where he is also a Faculty Fellow for the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement. Craig received his PhD from the University of Michigan.

We had the opportunity to record the Keynote Presentation by Dr. Craig Watkins, Connected Learning in a Connected World. You can watch the the presentation by clicking the video below.

Craig Watkins Video


9:00 – 11:15: KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Dr. S. Craig Watkins

List of resources mentioned in Dr. Watkin's presentation

Miller Center Auditorium, 122

The students who arrive in our classrooms today are unlike students from any previous generation. They are wired, connected, and social in ways that are extraordinarily complex. In this talk, author and researcher S. Craig Watkins considers what it means to empower ourselves and our students for “connected learning” in a connected world. The debates about technology and social change continue to percolate every sphere and the stakes grow increasingly higher in education. No longer do educators debate if digital media technologies should be used in the formal learning environment; today, the questions relate to how. That is, how do we leverage social and digital media to create dynamic learning pathways that prepare our students for a rapidly evolving world and economy? What skills and dispositions do our students need in today’s world? How do we create learning experiences that are in sync with our era? An era in which learning is social, openly networked, and production oriented. This is a talk that is sure to raise timely questions and generate noteworthy ideas about the future of learning.

11:30 – 12:30: SPECIAL Student Panel

Atwood Memorial Center, Voyageurs South

Listen to a moderated panel of our very own students, traditional and non-traditional, engage in a free-flowing conversation about the impact of various technologies in their social, family and educational lives. Students will estimate the total volume of technology they use in which they engage and reflect upon the nature of that engagement. They will discuss reasons for their engagement, the challenges they face, what they get out of the various engagements, as well as their thoughts on issues with technology such as internet safety. The session is modeled on a conversation that a faculty panel had with Chief Information Officer, Henry May, during Fall Convocation on their relationship with technology in their work.

1:30 - 3:30: KEYNOTE WORKSHOP by Dr. S. Craig Watkins

Atwood Memorial Center, Cascade

In this hands-on workshop author and researcher S. Craig Watkins will share his efforts to design “connected learning environments.” What is a connected learning environment? In part, it is a reference to learning environments that are openly networked, that is, connected to diverse spheres of expertise and settings. More significantly, connected learning entails the creation of learning environments wherein students are producers rather than mere consumers of knowledge and information. The goal of the workshop is to discuss real and practical strategies and actively build culturally relevant and stimulating learning environments that enhance student’s investment in their own social and educational development.



Thank you to all that joined us for our first October Teaching & Learning Colloquium. The 2012 Colloquium Program is available if you would like to look back at what took place.

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