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Merchant, Niloufer M.; Thole, Caryn M.; Hauslein, Patricia L.; Hoover, Steven M.; Berila, Elizabeth S.


The Mindfulness Education Initiative came out of the discussions of a group of faculty and staff who attended a session titled, The Mind/Body/Spirit Approach to Integrated Student Learning.  So far, about 40 faculty and staff have evinced interest in being part of the group. A sub-set of them met four times during Spring 2010 during which sessions they discussed Barbara Fredrickson’s Positivity, planned a day-long “retreat” during Fall Convocation 2010, and met with Amy Bowen of St. Cloud Times who did a feature on the Initiative published on April 18, 2010. The group ended the semester with a potluck celebration.

The members of the Mindfulness Education Initiative intend to continue to meet as a Faculty and Professional Learning Community to discuss and pursue integrated approaches in their personal lives and in their work with students at St. Cloud State University.

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