"It has been said that the primary characteristic of a truly enlightened mind is its ability to entertain two seemingly contradictory ideas at the same time."

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


CETL is very pleased to announce our Sixth Annual Teaching and Learning Fair as part of St. Cloud State University’s October 2016 Celebration of Learning and in collaboration with the Provost’s Colloquium and Symposium!

Purpose and Goals:
- Celebrate each other
- Engage in dialogue about students, learning, and our community

The Teaching & Learning Fair is an opportunity for all SCSU faculty and staff to participate and register, to share with your colleagues what you have pursued and learned during the period 2011-2016, what you are proud of, what you have been recognized for, or what you will have included in your professional development processes in the form of posters, demonstrations and/or displays and its relevance to Our Husky Compact.

Click here for the Guidelines and Registration Form. For more details click here.






OCTOBER 11, 2016

The Provost announces the 2016-17 Fall Semester Symposium & Colloquium, a biannual forum for the dissemination of current scholarship and creative activity by outstanding St. Cloud State faculty scholars who are improving the richness of campus life through their distinguished work.

The Provost's Symposium & Colloquium features the Symposium on Engaged Scholarship1 and the Sabbatical Colloquium. The Symposium on Engaged Scholarship highlights faculty scholarship and creative activity related to the surrounding community/region, and the Sabbatical Colloquium honors those faculty who have made robust progress during their sabbaticals.


Symposium & Colloquium qualifications and application process:

Faculty interested in showcasing their work at the symposium or colloquium should complete the application form linked here and return to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (cetl@stcloudstate.edu) on or before 4:30pm, Monday, September 19, 2016.

Up to three faculty will be selected to present at this inaugural Symposium & Colloquium and will be eligible to receive a Foundation Recognition Award of $250.


1Engaged scholarship or the "scholarship of engagement" is an emergent concept first used by Ernest Boyer in a 1996 article by that title. The term redefines faculty scholarly work from application of academic expertise to community engaged scholarship that involves the faculty member in a reciprocal partnership with the community, is interdisciplinary, and integrates faculty roles of teaching, research, and service. Engaged scholarship is a participative form of research for obtaining the advice and perspectives of key stakeholders (scholars, users, clients, and practitioners) to understand complex social problems. There is an intentional focus on the important contributions stakeholders and practitioners make in the research process and highlights the importance of practice-based research as a unique form of knowledge. At its core, it positions the key stakeholders not as receivers of the research but as engaged partners in its development.


2016-2017 Miller Scholars Program

The Miller Scholars Program was established by the generous donation of James W. and Marion Miller, and co-sponsored by St. Cloud State University’s Office of Academic Affairs.  This prestigious program is designed to recognize and support faculty members who have established a demonstrated record of motivation, excellence, and leadership in teaching and learning.  
The over arching goal of the St. Cloud State University Miller Scholar Awards Program is to reward faculty innovation and enhance student learning.
A St. Cloud State University Miller Scholar is one who proposes and implements a high quality project that will take his or her demonstrated track record in teaching and learning to a significantly higher level.
Click here for last year's Miller Scholars Awards.

More information on the 2016 - 2017 Miller Scholars Award coming soon!