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Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Call for Proposals: Fall Convocation

CETL is now seeking proposals for the

2016-2017 Fall Convocation

Review of proposals begin on April 29, 2016.


Innovations for Student Learning is a special strand during Fall Convocation Days 2016. In this strand, we invite you to facilitate workshops, roundtables, panels, or other sessions in which you share strategies you have been using to engage students in rich learning experiences. We’d like you to pick experiences that you think would be appreciated by faculty and instructional staff in your own and other disciplines.

Please feel free to propose sessions on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Preparing for the site visit of the Higher Learning Commission.
  • The Strategic Plan refresh.
  • The Husky Compact Dimension: Engage as a member of a diverse and multicultural world

To make a proposal, please fill out the form below and email it to CETL.

Proposal Announcement and Form 2016



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Professional Faculty Development & Collaboration Opportunities


CETL is now seeking participants

for the new 2016 – 2017 FLC and CoPs


CETL is proud to announce the approval of the 2016-2017 Faculty Learning Communities and Communities of Practice. We are now extending the opportunity to participate in these CoPs and FLCs to faculty and instructional staff. Applications for the FLCs and CoPs are embedded below each description. Please send all completed applications to CETL.

To access the participation form, click the link under the description of your choice of FLC or CoP.


Faculty and Professional Learning Community

  • FLC A: Assessing the Impact of Anti-Racist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum (ARPAC)

    Facilitators: Melissa Prescott, Darlene St. Clair, Debra Leigh & Kyoko Kishimoto

    • Objective: To assess the impact of the Anti-Racist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum (ARPAC) project on faculty participants and students who enroll in course taught by faculty participants.
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  • FLC B: Common Reading Program

     Fascilitators: Jennifer Quinlan (LRS), Shannon Olsen (English), Beth Berila (Ethnic and Women’s Studies), Darlene St. Clair (Darlene St. Clair), Christina Metzo

    • Objective: The project for the FLC as a collective will be to develop and conduct book talks and faculty development materials and workshops to support teaching of the common reading book, particularly in introductory level courses and first year seminars.


Communities of Practice

  • CoP A: Anti-Racist Pedagogy

    Facilitators: Darlene St. Clair & Melissa Prescott
    • Focus Area: Support faculty who have previously participated in the Anti-Racist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum (ARPAC) Project.
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  • CoP B: Reflections on Teaching: Cultural Diversity

    Facilitator: Deola Brumbaugh-Johnson
    • Focus Area: This CoP will look at how self-reflective practice will benefit students. In addition, it will analyze teaching experience as it relates to cultural diversity. In doing so, faculty involved in this CoP will find ways to improve and incorporate the best teaching practices within their curriculum.
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  • CoP C: Creating a Caring Culture: Confronting Bullying at SCSU

    Facilitators: Rachel Wexelbaum, Mary Clifford, Tom Hergert, Mark Jaede, Frances Kayona, Debra Leigh & Alex Palacco
    • Focus Areas: Anti-bullying education, interpersonal skill development, conflict resolution, organizational change, Husky Compact, campus climate assessment, safe spaces, diversity training, personal empowerment, and mindfulness.
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April 1st Workshop Day

For more information and session materials please follow the link below.

April Teaching & Learning Forum


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