Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

CETL Teaching and Learning Grants exist to encourage innovative teaching and learning at SCSU. Grants will be awarded to faculty and staff working with students to plan and implement innovative and effective teaching and learning, write a brief report, and share their work with their peers at CETL’s Teaching and Learning Fair. Both curricular and co-curricular projects are encouraged to apply.


"The CETL Teaching/ Learning Grant helped me bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical clinical skills for my students in Communication Sciences and Disorders. The Hearing Assistive Technology Lab provided a much needed service to St. Cloud and the greater community. Thank you CETL!

-Dr. Crowell, 2013 Teaching and Learning Grant Recipient


Announcing the 2016-2017


Augmenting Meteorological Learning Using Virtual Reality

Dr. Alan Srock


This project will provide meteorology students with immersive, 3D views of atmospheric phenomena. These novel methods of meteorological visualization will help students reach synthesis and evaluation of the atmosphere more easily and efficiently, which in turn will help their scaffolding as they progress through the meteorology program and out into the world beyond.


Peer Mentor Led Student Success Modules

Dr. Christine Metzo


Through this project, new first year students will benefit from the modules and activities created for them to address topics related to their transition to college. Peer mentors will learn how to collaborate with peers in a group work setting, learn how to develop helpful ideas that support their mentees’ success into real, usable modules that can produce results.



Film Production Workshop

Ilya Simakov


The Film Production Workshop will allow students to test their interests in roles such as cinematographer or producer, and helps them build a small resume listing some specific production positions beyond the usual small film program titles of writer/director. Both the of the finished films will be shown at the St. Cloud Film Festival as part of the SCSU student showcase.



Building Mentorship in Career Exploration: A Club Mentoring Project

Dr. Shu-Ching Wang and Dr. Bill Lepkowski


In this project, graduate students will mentor undergraduate students from within the department to work with each other in mentor-mentee relationships to gain knowledge about careers in the field. Mentorship is effective in college student's personal and professional development, career exploration, and academic success.


Development of a Hands-On Approach to Understanding Protein Folding

Dr. Cassidy Dobson


The objective of this project is to assess if a kinesthetic approach to a complex topic in Biochemistry leads to an increase in understanding the underlying concepts of the thermodynamic principles that govern protein folding. The outcomes will be measured by assessment of student understanding and observing the generated protein model made by each student.


Important Deadlines:


Applications Due

October 25, 2016

Expected announcement of awardess

November 22, 2016

Project Implementation

Spring Semester 2017

Final Budget Requests

May 9, 2016 (requests after this date will not be honored)

Final Project Report

June 9, 2016

Campus Presentation and Display

7th Annual Teaching and Learning Fair


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