Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


Through the Faculty Learning Communities and other initiatives, CETL has successfully provided several opportunities for faculty to talk about and enhance their teaching and learning.  Our overall objective has been to promote excellence in teaching focused on student learning and based upon knowledge of current trends in the science of curriculum and instruction. In essence of this mission, CETL also provides different grants to support faculty projects as well as travel in and out of state.

"The CETL Teaching/ Learning Grant helped me bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical clinical skills for my students in Communication Sciences and Disorders. The Hearing Assistive Technology Lab provided a much needed service to St. Cloud and the greater community. Thank you CETL!"

-Dr. Crowell, 2013 Teaching and Learning Grant Recipient



1. Title of Project: Special Projects in the Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Recipient: Tom Gardner

The purpose of the senior independent synthesis project is to provide students with exposure to practical considerations in the performance of research beyond what it is typically offered in the laboratory curriculum. It is also an opportunity to expose them to the use of esoteric chemicals and methods not offered in other lab curricula, such as the use of inert atmospheres or precious metal catalysts. Student progress in developing their individual projects will be monitored and monitored throughout the experience. Final reports on their projects will be required, as well as an oral presentation to the class and other attendees from the department. Grant funds will be used for Supplies, Materials and Equipment.


2. Title of Project: Facilitation and impact of medication administration utilizing automated dispensing systems and barcode patient identification

Recipients: Jane Bagley, Stacy Bakker, and Kristie Koval

The purpose of this project is to promote sage medication administration using automated dispensing systems and barcode patient identification. This project will transition the student from outdated clinical practice, to an enhanced system in which technology is introduced as a secondary measure to reduce clinical errors/medication errors. Students will engage in a variety of lab activities in which they will acquire medications from the automated dispense unit, perform 3 checks of medication administration, demonstrate the 7 rights to medication administration, scan the patient’s identification band, scan the medication, demonstrate appropriate clinical judgments in relation to safe administration of medications, and document the medication administration. The funds for this project will be used to created barcodes for all medications (e.g. oral agents, topicals, intramuscular, intravenous, and inhaled). Grant funds for this project will go towards Student Support, Supplies, Material, Equipment, and attending of Minnesota Health Educators Conference

3. Title of Project: Capturing Essential Geoscience Skills & Content Knowledge for Video Review: Implementation & Assessment

Recipients: Katherine Pound, Nancy Sundheim, and Tom Hergert

The purpose of this project is to provide students in AHS 109 with opportunities to review material pertaining to essential skills and knowledge that is presented in lecture in a setting where they are not rushed, and can review the explanations multiple times. In this project we will initially create a series of approximately 25 very short (30seconds to 3minutes maximum) videos. They majority probably will be low-end ‘animations’ or screen capture, and the remainder will be more complex productions, capturing the professor illustrating and explaining details of rock specimens and geologic maps. Grant funds for this project will go for Student Support, Supplies, Materials and Equipment.


4. Title of Project: Evaluating the effectiveness of the use of iPad applications (“apps”) for articulation therapy in speech language pathology

Recipients: Jodel Page and Amy Gilbertson

The purpose of this project is to support students in order to complete a pre-rating scale to identify 2 strengths and 2 areas of need in regards to their personal knowledge and use of iPad apps in providing speech language therapy, utilize iPad articulation therapy apps during at least 10therapy sessions and evaluate client progress/outcomes during spring semester 2015, and complete a post-rating scale of 1) knowledge of articulation apps, 2) confidence of using iPad articulation apps for articulation therapy, and 3) assessment of at least 2 different articulation apps. Grant funds will be awarded towards Supplies, Material, and Equipment.


5. Title of Project: Tk20 Student Centered Videos

Recipients: Holly Evers, Carrie Norberg, Carol Kuhn, and Davidson Blanchard

The purpose of this project is to produce multiple single task videos for dissemination on campus websites, D2L Brightspace, and email hyperlinks (in response to inquiries). This project will raise students’ awareness of and familiarity with Tk20’s purpose, as well as system use. Students will synthesize information across disciplines, exploding communication skills and disciplinary awareness by identify and recognize campus policies, offices, and their functions. Tk20 will be more visible and accessible, including the support available for students. “TK20 Student Centered Videos” grant funds will be used for Student Support and Supplies, Materials, Equipment.


6. Title of Project: Teaching Social and Environmental Justice

Recipient: Miguel M. Chavez

The purpose of this project is to assist Social Responsibility Student Organization (SRSO) students of developing critical and analytical skills to teach student participants on multiple issues central to social and environmental justice. SRSO student will facilitate three workshops. Funds requested will be used as honorarium for student assistance and support. SRSO students and student participants will analyze and compare multiple interests, perspectives, motives and objectives of varied groups (different stakeholders) to articulate a course of action and formulate conclusions about social and environmental importance. Grant funds for this project will be awarded for Student Support.

7. Title of Project: Integrating Active and Applied Learning Opportunities for Students with Campus Needs: A partnership between the College Counseling and Student Development graduate program, the University College, and Student life and development  

Recipients: Daniel Macari and Adam Klepetar

The purpose of this project is to provide graduate students in the College Counseling and Student Development program enhanced opportunities for active and applied learning. The program will place these students into offices on campus, where they will be working one-on-one and in small groups with students on a variety of issues, aimed at increasing retention and persistence and enhancing academic, personal, and career development in the undergraduate students being served. This will allow the university as whole to benefit from the program. Grant funds for this project will go to cover Student Administrative Assistant Stipend.

8. Title of Project: Teaching Research and Assessment Classes with Experiential Learning  

Recipients: Shu-Ching Wang and Yuh-Jen Guo

The purpose of this project is the connection and collaboration of experiential learning practices in two classes (CEEP 476 and COUN 665). The students of the research class will be able to practice on designing a research project and to use the assessment data to practice the real world experience of data collection and analysis. The students of the assessment class will be able to practice assessment skills with students of the research class. This real world experience will largely enhance the learning outcomes of students in both classes. Their projects will also lead to the creation of a module on implementing experiential learning in two classes. This module could be used in future courses. Grant funds for this project will go to Assessment Tools and Inventories.


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