Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


In the fall of 1989, the Minnesota State University System received a six year Bush Foundation grant to support faculty development with the specific outcome of improving undergraduate student learning. One preference identified in the grant was that each university in the system established a center for teaching and learning by the end of the grant period.

By the spring of 1995, within an environment of enhanced focus on teaching and learning created by Bush activities, and after a concerted effort by the St.Cloud State University Bush Team, the SCSU Faculty association approved the establishment of a center; the Academic Affairs Office agreed to support a teaching and learning center by providing funds for basic operating expenses and for a faculty person to be reassigned to direct a center.

Each year since the Center’s initiation, the Center has assumed leadership in an identified area of campus need around teaching and learning. Topics/issues addressed reflect local as well as national concerns of university faculty, and programming reflects continued growth and innovation. The Center strives to monitor campus participation in Center activities, and to maintain awareness of campus attitudes and program development around issues related to teaching and learning.


Roseanna G. Ross, Professor of Speech Communication, 1995 -2000.

Karen J. Thoms, Professor of Learning Resources and Technology Services, 2000- 2004

Frankie Condon, Professor of English, 2004- 2007

Daniel L. Wildeson , Professor of Communication Studies , 2007-2009

Lalita Subrahmanyan, Professor of Elementary and Middle-Level Education, 2010- present