Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


BYOD: Using Students' Mobile Devices in the Classroom

Mobile technology reshapes the way faculty and students learn, teach, interact, and live. This FLC will explore how we as faculty can utilize mobile devices brought to the classroom, such as smart phones, tablets (e.g.iPADs), laptops, etc. Faculty from different disciplines will explore the variety of mobile devices their students bring to the classroom, brainstorm among each other ways to harness these devices to increase the learning, then create at least one learning experience within the curriculum that utilizes the strategy recently coined “BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device)”.

Facilitator: Plamen Miltenoff, LRS

Meeting Times (Fall, 2012) Thursdays, 4:00- 6:00, MC 310


Ruth Robinson Parsons, Chemistry

Annette Lee, Chemistry and Physics

Joanne Larson, Teacher Development

Timothy Baker, CCP

Christopher Stanley, Information Technology Services


BYOD presented their research at the Lilly Conference, Spring 2013


BYOD Lilly Conference