Policies and Related Information - Tobacco Use Policy

St. Cloud State University is committed to providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for all. This commitment, along with the wealth of research documenting health risks associated with tobacco use, the assessments of regional and national trends, and input from the campus community provide the rationale for the establishment of St. Cloud State University as a Tobacco Free Campus.

The use, sale, free distribution, or advertising of tobacco (smoking or smokeless) products or any electronic delivery devices used for inhaling or exhaling vapor (e-cigarettes)  is prohibited within all University owned, leased or controlled buildings, walkways, arenas, playing fields, in university owned vehicles/motorized equipment and on University owned, leased or controlled property.  This policy applies to all employees, students, faculty, vendors, contractors, visitors, and guests. 

Personal possession of tobacco, tobacco products, or electronic delivery devices and associated solutions is not prohibited on campus property.

As part of a University sanctioned activity, with prior approval by policy owner, outdoor use of tobacco may be permitted in designated areas. (complete Tobacco Use Exception Form)

In accordance with the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act, MS. 144.4167, Tobacco use is permitted

  • In Traditional Native American ceremonies
  • Approved Scientific studies
  • Theatrical productions.
Tobacco use will be permitted inside private motor vehicles on University property as long as tobacco users demonstrate respect for individuals and the environment.  Littering on campus is prohibited, including cigarettes.

Additional information concerning the Tobacco Free campus, map with designated tobacco use areas, cessation resources and answers to frequently asked questions may be found at: 


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