Other Campus Resources

Listed below are publications and web resources that provide information on specialized topics.

Advising Center

The Advising Center provides a guide for students in moving through the process of degree completion. Advisor assignments, registration, declaring a major, graduation audits and general education advising services are offered The Center also provides academic probation and academic warning advising.

SCSU Campus Directory

www.stcloudstate.edu/search is the site for the online A-Z Directory. A printed directory which lists phone numbers, office locations and email addresses for departments, programs, staff, faculty, and students is published in October and available at various locations around campus.

Emergency Procedures

The site contains phone numbers and general procedures to follow in responding to and reporting emergencies.

Star Alert

Star Alert, a free St. Cloud State emergency notification system, makes it possible for students, parents, family members and employees to receive email and/or text messages about campus-related emergencies that threaten life safety or severely impact campus operations. In an emergency, Star Alert will send a text message to the cell number and/or e-mail address individuals provide. Notifications identified as “Star Alert” messages will include the nature of the emergency, what action, if any, to take, and where to find more information. Star Alert will also provide notification of University closings.

Events Calendar

The site contains a list of athletic, cultural and educational events on campus.

Technology Resource Guide

Topics addressed relate to computer availability, usage, and policies relating to technology use.

Residential Life Student Handbook

The handbook includes contact information, check in/out procedures, residence hall guidelines, sanctioning guidelines, and residential life policies. A printed version is provided to each student upon check in to the residence halls each semester.

University Catalog

The University Catalog is the comprehensive source of academic information for both undergraduate and graduate students. Academic information included includes: programs and courses, general information, colleges, general education requirements, and faculty/staff listings.

Student Organization Policy Guidebook

The guidebook provides information and resources to assist student organization leaders, members, and advisers.

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