Student Code of Conduct - Title IX Appeals

Grounds for Appeal

Appeals must be based on the issue of substantive or procedural errors which were committed during the student conduct process. The student must demonstrate that one or more of the following criteria has merit:

  1. New or newly discovered information is of a character which may substantially affect the outcome.
  2. There was a procedural error which substantially affected the outcome.
  3. The sanctions imposed are significantly disproportionate based on the violation.

Appeal Procedure

  1. The appeal authority and a deadline to submit an appeal will be stated in the decision letter that student, student organizations or clubs receive from the Decision maker.
  2. The student, student organization or club must submit the appeal letter in writing to the appeal authority listed in the decison letter and include one or more the grounds for appeal.
  3. If there is adequate reason to believe that one or more of the grounds for appeal has merit, an appeal meeting may be scheduled by the appeal authority.
  4. The appeal authority will review the request and notify the student in writing if the appeal is granted or the original decision was modified or upheld. For Formal and University Student Conduct Board hearings, the appeal authority may request a rehearing.
  5. Failure to file an appeal or request an extension by the deadline stated in the decision letter constitutes a waiver of any right to appeal.
  6. Educational sanctions shall not begin until the campus appeal process is exhausted. However, the Vice President for Student Life and Development, Title IX Coordinator or designee may impose educational sanctions during the appeal process to ensure the safety and wellbeing of members of the University Community or preservation of University property.
  7. Students receiving suspension for more than nine days or expulsion and who have exhausted all campus appeal procedures may request a contested case meeting before an Administrative Law Judge, Minnesota Statute Chapter 14. This request must be submitted in writing within five days of receipt of the official University letter regarding the appeal.
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