Student Concern Process - Where to go for help with Student Concerns

Academic Concern Process

SCSU’s mission is to provide a quality academic experience. The vast majority of students have a quality academic experience. When there are problems we have specific processes to respect the rights and responsibilities of faculty and students.

Academic concerns are either handled at the department/college level or through the University College.

Department or College: Sometimes there are problems with class schedules, the integrity of the courses, and programs available for students. For these issues your faculty member is the best resource. If they are unable to help, another resource is the Student Relations Coordinator for the appropriate college or school. For formal complaints and grade appeals you can speak to the Student Services Coordinator or the department chair.

University College: Students in need of advising or with concerns about academic warnings and suspensions should contact the Assistant Provost for Student Success. A student can file appeals, seek advising, and find the Online Student Handbook at the University College as well.

Academic Concern Process

Nature of Concern:

Academic Integrity

Center of Continuing Studies
John Burgeson, Dean
Brown Hall 312A

College of Liberal Arts
Mark Springer, Dean
Kiehle Visual Arts Center 111

College of Liberal Arts
Raymond Philippot, Associate Dean
Kiehle Visual Arts Center 110

College of Science & Engineering
Dan Gregory, Interim Dean
Robert H. Wick Science Building 145

College of Science & Engineering
School of Computing, Engineering and Environment
Adel Ali, Associate Dean
Robert H. Wick Science Building 145

Herberger Business School
Walter Roettger, Interim Dean
Centennial Hall 118

Herberger Business School
Christine Lepkowski, Director of Undergraduate Programs & Assessment   
Centennial Hall 118C

Learning Resources
Mark Vargas, Dean
James W. Miller Learning Resources Center, 108

School of Education
Osman Alawiye, Dean
Education Building A110

School of Graduate Studies
Patricia Hughes, Associate Provost for Research and Interim Dean
Administrative Services 121

School of Health & Human Services
Monica Devers, Dean
Steward Hall 365

School of Public Affairs
Orn Bodvarsson, Dean
Whitney House 101

University College
Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Dean, University College and Associate Provost for Student Success
Centennial Hall 233

Nature of Concern:

Academic Suspension

University College
Nancy Mills, Assistant Dean, University College and Assistant Provost for Student Success
Centennial Hall 209

Nature of Concern:


Career Services
Bobbi Murphy, Internship Coordinator
215 Centennial Hall
Internship Information including MnSCU Internship Form (pdf)

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