Mission Statement

The mission of the Statistics Program at St. Cloud State University is to provide a stimulating environment in which students can gain understanding of the concepts, and acquire skills in statistics.


Essential to our mission is a curriculum that reflects current standards in statistics.  The American Statistical Association (ASA) regularly reviews national curricular concerns and trends and makes curriculum recommendations.

  • Goal 1:  We will periodically modify programs and courses to reflect the ASA recommendations, SCSU student needs, and departmental expertise and resources.

    Excellence in teaching has and always will be a primary goal of the Statistics Program.
  • Goal 2:  We will continue to make teaching excellence a priority.

    In conjunction with excellence in teaching goes an excellent faculty.  It is important for faculty to engage in creative and scholarly activity, to have access to sufficient resources and stimulation from other faculty, to pursue continuous training and education, and to help obtain new faculty with these traits.
  • Goal 3:  We will persuade faculty to pursue new ideas in statistics through study, applied and/or theoretical research and the maintenance of professional contacts beyond the campus.  Faculty will also be motivated to pursue continued education and retraining, to develop an enthusiasm for working with other faculty across campus on joint projects, and a willingness to accept additional burdens on occasion in order to accommodate the needs of other faculty engaged in scholarly and creative activity.

  • Goal 4:  We will continue to recruit faculty with appropriate credentials and commitment to our vision of excellence.

    Currently the program is committed to offering service courses.  Continued growth in demand for our service courses requires that the development of strategies for making these courses more widely available across campus.
  • Goal 5:  We will continue to work with departments across campus to incorporate statistical prerequisites into their curricula.

Statistics programs nationwide are experiencing problems in attracting and retaining qualified majors.  The health of our programs depends upon high quality, motivated students.

  • Goal 6:  We will develop and implement a program to attract and retain qualified students.  In addition, we will continually revise and update placement and advising techniques and work with high schools, community colleges, and other institutions to clarify and articulate our curriculum standards.

Statistics is a high-cost program.  It requires substantial hardware and software resources.  In addition these resources need to be maintained and upgraded.

  • Goal 7:  We will continue to identify and request funding for computing facilities to support our majors, minors, literacy programs and service courses for the university community.

Participation by statistics faculty on university committees, in community organizations and in the statistical consulting center are indicators of commitment to the total university and its communities.

  • Goal 8:  We will continue to motivate faculty to provide services outside of the department.

    There currently is a new graduate program in applied statistics. 
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