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When will my campus username (HuskyNetID) be switched to StarID?

Transitions to StarID are scheduled to begin at 5:00PM on March 7, 2014.

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What will happen to my campus username (HuskyNetID)?

Your campus username will be renamed to your official StarID. Therefore your campus username will cease to exist.

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When my campus username (HuskyNetID) is changed to my StarID, will I lose any of my information on my computer, or on my FileSpace?

No, you will not lose any of the data stored in your FileSpace.

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Will I use StarID for MnSCU ISRS (Uniface) login?

No, Uniface uses a different login and MnSCU has not announced any plan to integrate Uniface to StarID.

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What will I have to do if I have mobile devices connected to Campus Wireless or St. Cloud State email?

It is recommended that you fully remove the account that you have saved and re-add it using your StarID.

Visit the Device Setup Wizard for instructions.

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