News: Early Adopter StarID Conversion (Tuesday January 23, 2014)

Important Note: After you are converted to StarID, you must use the StarID password reset tool  The HuskyNetID password reset tool can no longer be used after you are moved to StarID.

Thank you for volunteering for our StarID Pioneer (early adopters) pilot. As you know, your StarID will replace your SCSU ID, Tech ID and HuskyNetID for logins, but your email address will not change. We realize there will be various issues that need to be addressed as they are discovered during this conversion. Please bear with us – we know this is going to be a bit bumpy, but it will help ensure a much smoother conversion for the rest of campus on March 7th.

You are scheduled to start using your StarID on Tuesday, January 28th after 7:30am.

What to Expect

On Tuesday morning you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Restart your computer and log back in using your StarID and password.
  2. If you have any mobile devices connected to wireless, you will need to delete/remove them and reconnect to the wireless system using your StarID and password.
  3. You will need to re-setup your St. Cloud State email on your smartphone if you have one.
  4. Begin using your StarID to login to the applications and programs you use (e.g. email, D2L, file & web space, SharePoint, etc.).

Reporting Issues and Obtaining Support

Information Technology Services staff will be following up with you in person on Tuesday, January 28th to help assist with any problems you may encounter. Addressing issues that arise from this conversion is ITS’s top priority.

Expect there will be things that break and that you may have difficulties logging into programs and applications you normally use. Please report them as soon as possible to or contact HuskyTech at 320-308-7000. If you receive an error while trying to log into a program or application, please take a screen capture of the error message if possible and send that to the email address listed above.  If you are unable to take a screen capture, try to document at what point the problem occurred and any error messages you received. Another option is to photograph the screen with your cell phone or camera and send it to

Additional information, such as known issues and frequently asked questions, are available at the following web site:

Thank you for your participation and feedback!