Known Issues


  • Synchronize your Passwords
    Prior to your transition to StarID from your HuskyNet account, you will want to make sure that the password on your HuskyNet account and the password on your StarID account are the same. This will help you avoid confusion over which password should be used where, immediately after the transition.  
  • Problem with Internet Explorer 11
    The activation portion of the MnSCU StarID site DOES NOT WORK with Internet Explorer 11. We recommend using Internet Explorer 10 (or earlier), Firefox or Safari when activating your StarID. MnSCU is currently addressing this issue.
  • Restart
    If you are logged into your windows based system when the transition to StarID occurs, your system may prompt you for new credentials. The easiest way to address this would be to restart your system.
  • Switch User
    If your workstation is locked when the transition to StarID occurs, to access your system you will need to select the ‘switch user’ option and key in your StarID, as your HuskyNet id will have been renamed to your StarID, so your HuskyNet id will no longer be recognized.
  • Wireless Setup - Ethernet Required
    Your wireless configuration will need to be re-setup once you transition to StarID. To Avoid a Catch-22 situation where you don’t have access to the network to re-establish your wireless connection, your Laptop should be wired to the network with network cable, allowing you to gain access to the network so you can reestablish your wireless connection.
  • VPN Connection
    For your VPN connections to work, you will need to update your VPN connection parameters, such as login and password once your StarID has been activated.
  • Setting up email on a mobile device
    Phone / mobile device – When setting up your Phone, we recommend you select the “Exchange Email” option or “Microsoft sync” option (on Windows phones) to allow you to easily re-establish email on your device. When you select Exchange Email or Microsoft Sync, you should only need to re-enter your email address and the system should do the rest automatically for you.  
  • Mail on your Desktop Computer
    When using the full version of Outlook on your PC or Laptop, accessing email should be pretty seamless. Users will need to watch that the account they use to login to Outlook is changed to their StarID.
  • Verify your X Drive
    Verify you are able to access your home directory (X Drive)  once you have transitioned to StarID

Known issues - In Progress

  • Email Portlet – currently there is an issue where the users inbox has their StarID appended to their email address. We are working to address this issue.
  • Non-domain joined systems – only need to revisit the mail client setup for email on the device.
  • Mac’s – we are working on an automated solution that will address any login issues that may exist on Macintosh systems.