Social Science Research Institute - St. Cloud State University

Social Science Research Institute - St. Cloud State University

Faculty Research Group on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota

Our Mission

Encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary research on immigrant workers’ experiences in Minnesota’s labor markets and their endeavors to achieve full citizenship in both Minnesota and the U.S.; Provide courses and programs on immigration to undergraduate and graduate students; Provide outreach to immigrants and immigrant organizations.


Goal 1:

Provide easily accessible quantitative and qualitative data bases, which would contribute to mapping out and documenting the social conditions, needs, and locations of immigrant workers in Minnesota; Address the social and economic impacts of immigrant workers on the state and regional economies.


Goal 2:

Enable SCSU to make a link with community, human rights organizations, church and governmental based service organizations, and employer organizations in Minnesota that have a stake in the social conditions of immigrant workers and issues of citizenship attainment.


Goal 3:

Collaborate with organizations in St. Cloud and surrounding counties that provide services to immigrants, by supporting and strengthening their research activities.


Goal 4:

Obtain external funding from sources including foundations concerned with living wage issues, human rights issues, diversity, social policy formation, employers’ organizations and unions.


Goal 5:

Sponsor conferences, panels and working papers series that would encourage and attract participation of community organizations with a stake in the social conditions of immigrant workers in Minnesota and the United States.


Goal 6:

Develop student interest in service to immigrant worker communities in surrounding counties and throughout Minnesota.


Contact Info:  Stephen Philion
Stewart Hall 256   phone: 320-308-5497

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