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Social Science Research Institute - St. Cloud State University



The Faculty Research Group On Immigrant Workers in Minnesota Proudly Presents the 3rd Annual SCSU Signature:

2012 Global Goes Local Conference

Keynote Speakers Topics:

  • The Impact of Arizona and Alabama Anti-immigrant Laws on Minnesota's Immigrant Efforts to Secure Citizenship Rights

  • The African American Historical Experience in Minnesota as Migrants

  • Issues in Organizing Immigrant Workers on the East and West Coasts

  • Conversations Across Our America: Talking About Immigration and the Latinoization of the United States

  • Markets and the Criminalization of Immigrants

Panel Topics:

  • Student Research Panel on Somali Housing and Workplace Issues

  • Asian American Immigrant Workers and Families

  • LEDC: Immigrant Small Business/Cooperatives Growth in Minnesota

  • New Immigrants Growing Food Security in Central Minnesota

  • Navigate MN : Undocumented Students' Challenges to Securing a University Education in Minnesota

  • Research on Breaking down Linguistic Misunderstandings between Newly Arrived Immigrants and Native Born Residents

  • SEIU LOCAL 26 : Issues in Organizing Liberian, Somali, and Kenyan Immigrant Workers at a Twin Cities Nursing Home

  • An Exploration of Racism in American Musical Theatre and its Effect on Immigrant Communities

  • Hmong Political Organization Issues in Minnesota

  • CTUL : Issues facing Minnesota's Immigrant Workers in the Retail Sector

  • Jewish Community Action Coalition and the Role of
    Allies in LIberian, Somali, and Latino Organizing

    Campaigns in Minnesota










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