Social Science Research Institute - St. Cloud State University

Social Science Research Institute - St. Cloud State University


Panel Title:

Student Research on
St. Cloud Somali Housing and Workplace Issues


Dr. Aspa Rigopoulou-Melcher (CMTY)



Fartun Ahmed, Assistant Manger, Raspberry Ridge, owned by, Nationwide Housing Corp., Student at Metropolitan State University, Secondary Social Studies Teaching Liberal Arts Major-Concentration is Sociology



Elizabeth Holmbeck : SCSU Student, Community Studies Department
“Housing Issues for Somalis in St. Cloud MN”. This paper examines the housing issues facing Somali families in St. Cloud MN. The Paper is based on the mixed methods research methodology and incorporates surveys, interviews, and testimonials of Somali families in their quest of culturally and socially appropriate housing in the region. It examines the current housing conditions, the opportunities, and the offers some proposed solutions to the concerns facing the Somali Community.  


Nathan Keller, : SCSU Student , Community Studies Department

“Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Somalis in St. Cloud MN” The paper examines entrepreneurial opportunities of Somalis in St. Cloud MN. The paper is based on case study research which showcases the two Somali businesses (Mediterranean Café and the Mogadishu Market) operating in St. Cloud. It discusses the challenges and opportunities present in the region and the state to Somali immigrants as they are trying to establish themselves in the area.

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