Social Science Research Institute - St. Cloud State University

Social Science Research Institute - St. Cloud State University

The Social Status of Latinos in Today's Minnesota


Panel Description:

An analysis of local level information on Latinos in Minnesota on education, employment, ancestry, foreign status, health status, entrepreneurship, among other indicators, using 2010 Census and other current data sets. Data will also be compared with previous years to show changes and trends.

Panel Participants:

1. Monica Garcia-Perez,

SCSU, Department of Economics.

Latinos’ Health and Entrepreurship Rates in Minnesota.


2. Rodolfo Gutierrez:

Executive Director HACER Hispanic Advocacy and Community Empowerment through Research (IDEA/OEP/UMN) Affiliations: Also Board Member of the Minnesota Council for NonProfits, El Colegio Charter School  and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the Minnesota Department of Health President of the Asociacion de Profesionistas y Empresarios Mexicanos en Minnesota (APEM) and,

Barbara J Ronningen,

Demographer retired from the State Demographic Center.

Changes and Current Distribution of Latinos in Minnesota

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