Social Science Research Institute - St. Cloud State University

Social Science Research Institute - St. Cloud State University

Panel Title:

Jewish Community Action Coalition and the Role of Allies in LIberian, Somali, and
Latino Organizing Projects


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This panel will explore how diverse immigrant communities and their allies have worked together for immigrant rights and immigration reform.  Panelists will explore how they have organized communities to pursue local, state and national policy changes that protect immigrant rights, extend legal residency and support families.  We will also share how allies of immigrant communities can play powerful roles in supporting these organizing efforts.  



Peter Rachleff – moderator and framer of discussion; how Jewish Community Action Coalition has been an ally to the Liberian, Latino and Somali communities in their specific organizing campaigns;

Mayalan Keita-Brown – will describe the organizing work of the Liberian community to form the Coalition for Permanent Residency with allies and we have succeeded in obtaining several extensions of DED from two different presidents;

Hindia Ali – describe the organizing work of Somali Action Alliance and allies to convince local banks to work with Somali businesses to make sure local families can send remittances and financial support to families in Somalia;

Jovita MoralesMujeres en Liderazgo will describe the work of organizing with allies on the drivers’ license issue and the municipal ID work and how we built campaigns together.

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