Social Science Research Institute - St. Cloud State University

Social Science Research Institute - St. Cloud State University


Issues in Social Services to Hmong Immigrants in Minnesota



Dr. Shoua Yang (POL, SCSU)



 Ms. Ly Vang,

Executive Director of The Advancement of Hmong Women Minnesota, Inc.;


 Ms. Maiker Vang,

Counselor : Refugee Social  and Employment Services Program for  the  Southeast Asian Refugees Community Home, Inc.


Ms. Dia Yang,

Graduate Student, SCSU.  


Since the mid-1970s, when the Hmong political refugees arrived in the United States from the agrarian society  of Laos, members of the older Hmong generation have confronted social, cultural, and employment issues. To assist these people to address their issues in order to adapt into mainstream America,  Hmong leaders established nonprofit organizations. The panelists, working to assist these Hmong for decades, are leaders of two nonprofit entities. They attend the Immigration Conference hosted by the Faculty Research Group on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota at SCUS to share their experiences.  In addition, Ms. Dia Yang, a graduate student at SCSU, is invited to share her experience in higher education.


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