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Flat-Rate Tuition

Some full-time, undergraduate students could save time and money through a flat-rate tuition proposal under consideration for Fall 2017.

Pending approval, tuition would be the same for any course load from 12-18 credits.

In that 12-18 credit band, students could take more credits without paying more tuition. Sometimes called banded tuition, this pricing system is used at a majority of Minnesota State universities.

Benefits of More Credits for the Same Price

A 10-year study shows St. Cloud State students -- across all grade-point averages -- perform better and stay in school when they take 15 credits.

Other benefits:

  • Explore areas of academic interest with fewer financial consequences
    • Add a certificate or minor at very little additional expense
  • Flat-rate x eight semesters = more predictable financial planning
  • Graduate in four years
    • Less tuition
    • Reduced housing and transportation costs
    • More career earnings from entering the job market earlier

Basics of the Tuition Proposal

Pending approval, below are likely flat-rate prices for 12-18 credit loads.

Students taking 1-11 credits would pay a higher, per-credit rate of $245. The benefits would begin at 15 credits, which is the per-semester pace for earning a bachelor's degree in four years.

Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Manitoba residents

Any course load of 12-18 credits would be $3,542.29.

Midwest Compact participants

Any course load of 12-18 credits would be $5,178.45.

South Dakota residents

Any course load of 12-18 credits would be $3,624.60.


Any course load of 12-18 credits would be $7,421.80.

International students

Any course load of 12-18 credits would be $7,421.80.

International students with the ACS Scholarship

Any course load of 12-18 credits would be $3,542.29.

Online students

Online credits would be in the flat-rate band. Students would continue to be charged an online course fee.

Appeals Process

There would be an appeals process for students who need an exemption from flat-rate pricing. There would be a short-term appeal process for students who need fewer than 15 credits because they are graduating in 2017-18.

Register '15 for Fall'

At 15 credits the benefits would begin:

  • 15-credit load = $230.13 per credit
  • 16-credit load = $215.75 per credit
  • 17-credit load = $203.05 per credit
  • 18-credit load = $191.77 per credit

Some students taking 12-14 credits would pay more per credit than the proposed single-credit rate of $245.

The University would help students complete five courses a semester, instead of four, by identifying time-management and study strategies.

Unaffected by the Proposal

Would Not Affect

  • Graduate students
  • Summer classes
  • Credit loads 11 credits and lower

Would Not Include

  • Course-specific charges, such as lab fees
  • Differential tuition, such as the nursing students' surcharge
  • Online fees
2017 Tuition Rates