Electronic Portfolio - Entry 5.2.1/Literature Unit

Standard C: Program Planning, Developmentally Appropriate Instruction, Progress Evaluation, and Program Effectiveness Monitoring

Literature Unit

 With two other people, read a chapter book. Using the sentence gathering technique covered in class, discuss the book with each other, then write a literature unit that includes:
          A.      For the whole book:

  1. Write the name, author, genre, readability level, and a 1-2 paragraph summary of the book.  (5 pts)
  2. List the Minnesota standards that are covered in this unit. (10 pts)
  3. Tell which literary element you would focus on for this book and why. (10 pts)
  4. Develop and describe an activity to do with students that introduces the book.  The activity should focus on the literary element you are highlighting. Tell students how this activity relates to the book.  (10 pts)
  5. Create a plot diagram.  Record events above the plot line, and character's feelings regarding the events under the line.  (15 pts)
  6. Describe/explain the type(s) of conflict(s) in whic the main characters are embroiled.  (10 pts)
  7. Use character webs to provide information about the main characters of the story.  (10 pts)
  8. Depict the setting, location, and time of the story, (and weather if appropriate) in any way that you choose.  (5 pts)
  9. Describe the major themes of the story and cite excerpts from the text that illustrate or shed light on the themes.  (10 pts)
  10. From whose point of view is the story written? Was the author's style appropriate for the characters, setting, plot, and audience?  What unique writing techniques were used?  Cite
  11. Develop an activity that brings closure to the unit that focuses on your literary element.  (10 pts)

B. For one chapter:  (tell what chapter) Write a guided reading lesson.

  1. List the reading and literature standards explicitly taught in this lesson. (10 pts)    
  2. Activate background knowledge. (5 pts)
  3. Tell the students will learn in this lesson. (10 pts)
  4. Identify what you think the new vocabulary words are.  Describe an activity you could do with students to introduce these words prior to having students read the chapter.  Can they read the words?  Do they know the meanings? (10 pts)
  5. Give a purpose for silent reading. Include page numbers. (5 pts)
  6. Develop comprehension questions for the chapter, including literal, interpretive, critical, and creative questions. There should be a good mix of questions that are listed in the order of the plot.  Information about these types of questions is on pages 50-54 of the Ruach/Birr book. 
                                          *  Label the questions (i.e. literal, critical)
                                 *  Avoid "generic" questions like, "What is the main idea of the story?" "What are some of the themes in the book?"  (15 pts)
  7. Develop opportunities for students to do oral reading for a purpose.  Indicate what skill    you wanted to evaluate for each opportunity.  (10 pts)


SPED 4/518 Literature Unit Checklist

  1. ________ (5)       Title, author, summary, genre, readability level
  2. ________ (10)      List the MN or district standards covered in the unit
  1. ________ (10)      Literary element focus
  2. ________ (10)      Introduction activity
  3. ________ (15)      Plot diagram
  4. ________ (10)      Types of conflict
  5. ________ (10)      Character web
  6. ________ (5)       Setting, location, time, (weather if appropriate)
  7. ________ (10)      Major themes, cite excerpts
  8. ________ (10)      Author's style, cite excerpts
  9. ________ (10)      Closure activity for the end of the book
  10. ________ (65)     Directed reading lesson for one chapter :
  11.                              literature and reading standards covered (10)
                                  activate background knowledge  (5 pts.)
                                  tell students lesson objectives/standards (10 pts.)
                                 introduce vocabulary (10 pts.)
                                  purpose for silent reading (5 pts.)
                                  discussion questions/labels (15 pts.)
                                  oral reading for a purpose (10 pts.)

       ________  (170)      TOTAL

Students can earn 170 points on this project.

     165-170 points A
     161-164 points A-
     157-160 points B+
     153-156 points B
     149-152 points B-
     145-148 points C+
     141-144 points C-


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