Electronic Portfolio - Entry 5.1/Progress Evaluation-Assessing Generalized Outcomes

Standard C: Program Planning, Developmentally Appropriate Instruction, Progress Evaluation, and Program Effectiveness Monitoring

1. Design and implement a curriculum-based measurement (CBM) project These are also known as generalized outcome measurement (GOM) projects. (Standard 5.1)


  • Demonstrate the use of the Generalized Outcome Measures approach to monitor student gains over time.
  • Assess a student’s current level.
  • Develop an Instructional Blueprint for at least 20 raw data points
    1. Teach and monitor student regularly for AT LEAST 20 raw score data points plus 3 baseline data points.
    2. Plot a long range goal, daily data, and adjust the LRG based on the GOM rules discussed in SPED 419.

Case Study Report: The report should include:

  • Student background information
  • The student’s (and peers’ if you have that data) baseline data
  • The long range goal
  • The short term objective
  • The rationale for the selection of the basic skill and goal.
  • A detailed description of the measurement procedures
  • The completed instructional blueprint
  • The performance graph.
  • Evaluation of the program, including whether the goal was attained, the effectiveness of the instructional blueprint and changes you may have made, and recommendations for future programming

The report must be typed.  It is important that standard grammatical form (whole sentences, standard spelling, and standard English grammar) be used in the case study report.


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