Electronic Portfolio - Entry 5.11/English Receptive and Expressive Language Analysis

Standard C: Program Planning, Developmentally Appropriate Instruction, Progress Evaluation, and Program Effectiveness Monitoring

Discourse Project (40 points; This is a portfolio item required for graduation): When you are in your field experience, you will choose a student to collect data using running records, language samples, work samples, and interviews. Based on the collected data using running records and anecdotal records you will 1) conduct an discourse analysis and figure out the student’s error patterns; 2) develop hypotheses on factors that affects the student’s language performance, such as the student’s first language, cultural influence, biological impact, socioeconomic status; 3) decided the unit of measurement and measure the progress; 4) identify the scope and sequence of the required instruction to improve the student’s English proficiency and develop possible instructional plan. This project may be conducted as a pair and will be submitted in written form. This report should include:

    1. The student’s information (5 points)
    2. Original data collection forms and the result of discourse analysis (10 points)
    3. Hypothesis for possible interventions (5 points)
    4. Instructional plan based on the hypothesis. (10 points)
    5. Issues related placement and instructional environment. (5 points)
    6. Suggested solution/resolution of the problems (5 points)

From SPED 440

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