Electronic Portfolio - Entry 4.9.b/ Eligibility Determination Write-up for LD

Standard B: Referral, Assessment, Planning, and Placement Procedures

Grading Criteria
3.4.10 Learning Disabilities Portfolio Project
  Using the Minnesota State Criteria for Specific Learning Disabilities, students will use an Assessment Summary Report to determine if a student meets criteria for LD services.

Grading for each section must be accompanied by a completed LD checklist along with a written explanation of how each criteria is/is not met within the provided Evaluation Report.  

You need to start Evaluation Report (ER) stating the student’s general academic and behavioral performance based on collected data. The student’s strength, weaknesses, other people’s observation and interview data  and major concerns need to be summarized and included in the report. This section should be succinct without redundancy of the report included in criteria A. B, and C.

Criteria A:  (5 points)

Documentation in report of severe underachievement evidence of low achievement in one of the seven areas listed in part B (e.g, cumulative record reviews, class work samples, anecdotal teacher records, formal and informal tests, curriculum-based evaluation results, and other instructional support programs results)              


Supporting information includes an observation of the pupis academic performance in regular classroom setting by team member other than pupil’s general education classroom teacher.

Criteria B:  (5  points)

Documentation in report of severe discrepancy between ability and achievement (1.75 SD) in one or more of the following. 

  • Basic Reading Skills
  • Written Expression
  • Oral Expression
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Mathinmatical Calculation
    • Intellectual test name:
  • Verbal: 
Performance :  Full Score:
  • Other:
    • Achievement test name:
  Regression Score:  
    1. (Report standard scores; composite, cluster, broad, basic skills or application scores may be used. No subtest scores)


Criteria C:  (5 points)

Documentation in report of sufficient data verifies:

  1. Information processing condition; inadequate or lack of acquisition, lack of organization skills, storage, retrieval, manipulation or expression of information, such as:
  • Spatial arrangements 
  • visual or auditory memory difficulties
  • Following written and oral directions
  • verbal or nonverbal expression difficulties
  • Motor control for written tasks
  • correct use of development order in relating evens
  • Transfer of information onto paper
  1. The disabling effects of information processing condition occurs in variety of settings
  1. The underachievement is not primarily the result of: vision, hearing, motor impairment, developmental cognitive disabilities, EBD, environment, cultural or economic, influences, or a history of inconsistent educational program.


Eligibility Summary Paragraph:  (5 points)

Summarize whether or not the students meets criteria of LD. You need to include the rationale of the team decision and exclusionary factors in this section.

Response to Intervention (RTI) Criteria: (5 points)

Based on the Response to Intervention (RTI) regulation, identify critical areas in which the student needs support and summarize whether or not the students meets the criteria of LD under the RTI definition. You need to document what types of interventions are used and how the student failed to respond the interventions. 


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