Electronic Portfolio - Entry 4.9.b/Eligibility Determination Grading Criteria for EBD

Standard B: Referral, Assessment, Planning, and Placement Procedures

Grading Criteria
3.4.4 Emotional or Behavioral Disorders Portfolio Project

Using the Minnesota State Criteria for Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, students will use an Evaluation Report to determine if a student meets criteria for EBD services.

Grading for each section must be accompanied by a completed EBD checklist along with a written explanation of how each criteria is/is notmet within the provided Assessment Summary Report.

You need to start Evaluation Report (ER) stating the student’s general academic and behavioral performance based on collected data. The student’s strength, weaknesses, other people’s observation and interview data, and major concerns need to be summarized and included in the report. This section should be succinct without redundancy of the report included in criteria A. B, and C.

Criteria A:  (5 points)

Documentation in report if established pattern is emotional or behavioral responses in a least one of the following subitems which represent significant differences from peers:  withdrawn or anxious behaviors, pervasive unhappiness, depression, severe problems with mood or feelings of self-worth;  disordered thought processes manifested by unusual behavior patterns, atypical communication styles or distorted interpersonal relationships; aggressive, hyperactive, or impulsive behaviors that are developmentally inappropriate.

The student clearly identifies which Criteria A subitems are met within the Evaluation Report.

Criteria B:  (5  points)

Documentation of the pattern of emotional or behavioral responses that adversely affects educational performance and results in an inability to demonstrated satisfactory social competence that is significantly different from age, cultural, or ethnic norms; or a pattern of unsatisfactory educational progress that is not primarily the result of intellectual, sensory, physical, health, cultural, or linguistic factors, illegal chemical use, autism spectrum disorders, or inconsistent educational programming. 

Criteria C:  (5 points)

Documentation of prior interventions and evaluation data establishes significant impairment in one or more if these areas:  intrapersonal, academic, vocational, or social skills.
Data documents that the impairment:

  1.  Severely interferes with the pupils or other students’ educational performance,
  2. Consistently occurs in a least three different settings, including two educational settings (1 must be the classroom), and either at home, child care or community,
  3. Occurred throughout a minimum of six months, or results from the well-documented, sudden onset of a serious mental health diagnosed by a licensed mental health professional

K-12 data is supported by current or existing data.  (Documented on checklist.)

Eligibility Summary Paragraph:  (5 points)

Summarize whether or not the students meets criteria of EBD. You need to include the rationale of the team decision and exclusionary factors in this section.

Additional Assessment Needed: (5 points)

Based on the Evaluation Report identify two critical areas in which the student needs support.  These should be behavioral deficits that one might expect would become part of the students Individual Education Plan.


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