Electronic Portfolio -Individual Transition Plan SPED 4/531

Standard B: Referral, Assessment, Planning, and Placement Procedures

Portfolio Project:  Note: Students must complete the project with either a “2” or “3” on the rubrics shown below in order to successfully complete the course. 

You will use information provided in Case Study: Eileen (found in appendix 5D of the companion website, www.ablongman.com/sitlington4e).  For each of the five transition areas you will write: (1) Present level of performance (PLEP).  The PLEP clearly describes the learner’s unique needs. The PLEP is clearly related to extant assessment information (2 points); Transition needs; (2) transition services (2 points); annual goal; two or more objectives; The plan must be clearly and professionally written.

Evaluation (ITP)_

1. PLEP (up to 10 points): The present level of performance is clearly and professionally written. It describes the student as a learner in such a way that his/her unique needs become clear. No jargon or test scores are employed in the description of the student’s performance, yet the PLEP is clearly related to extant assessment information (ESTR and interview data).  One half point will be removed for minor PLEP errors including word usage & spelling/typing; 1 point for major errors; explanation provided.

2. Transition Needs and Services (up to 10 points). The section is clearly written and reflects the programming needed by the simulated student in order to complete the transition plan as written. The sections are written in a technically defensible manner.

2. Annual Goals and Objectives/Benchmarks (up to 10 points): Transition Needs are clearly written in a technically sound fashion. That is, placement selections in the approximate domains (domestic, leisure, vocational, post‑secondary, community) are in place and clear. Collectively, they answer the following questions: What will the person do upon graduation (or during the next few years)? Placements must be as specific as possible and clearly follow from the statement of unique needs (PLP, see above).  One point per Goal component written correctly, minimum three goals + 1 point for placement statements.

Total Possible = 30

Artifact or Performance : Case Study (Eileen)





Performance or Artifact Level

In Progress:

Additional Work Required

Standards Met

Standards Met with

High Quality

Generic Level Descriptor (for all projects)

No or limited evidence of the ability to perform the tasks specified in the task description.  The candidate requires significant assistance to perform the task at a level expected of a beginning teacher. Does not meet the minimum expectations for this course

The work sample/ portfolio entry demonstrates that the candidate can perform all or the majority of tasks at the level required of a first-year teacher.  While the individual may require some mentoring during their first years of employment on the task(s), they are well on their way to independent performance. Meets the expectations for this course.

The work sample/ artifact reveals work beyond the performance and independence level expectations for a first-year educator. The work reveals a level of sophistication more like that of a successful veteran. Does not meet the expectations for this course.

Point Value from Existing Grading Rubric

0-84% (0-25 points on above rubric/ must be redone)

85%-94% (26-28 points on above rubric)

95-100% (29 to 30 points on above rubric)

Please note: Candidates must earn at least 84% of the points on the ITP Case study simulation (Eileen) to pass SPED 431 or SPED 531.  This is the minimal level for this project designed to be a skill learned at the level of a first-year educator. You will likely work on an ITP during student teaching but that may not be the case.


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