Electronic Portfolio - Entry 4.7/ Write an IEP according to Minnesota State guidelines

Standard B: Referral, Assessment, Planning, and Placement Procedures

Write an IEP using Minnesota and/or school district guidelines. The IEP will include the following:

  • Student identifying information Redact real names of all people mentioned in the IEP
  • Present level of academic achievement and functional performance
  • Goals and short term objectives or benchmarks
  • Reporting progress
  • Extent of nonparticipation in general education
  • Special education services
  • Related services
  • Program modifications, accommodations, and supplementary aids and services
  • District and statewide assessment information
  • Assistive technology
  • Extended school year, if appropriate
  • For students 14 years old and older, statement of transition services
  • Transfer of rights, if appropriate
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