Electronic Portfolio - Entry 4.3/Evaluation Report of Formal Assessment

Standard B: Referral, Assessment, Planning, and Placement Procedures


The formal assessment artifact that is produced during SPED 4_516 consists of a write up/interpretation of a set of at least two formal and one informal/direct assessment tools administered to one student. The assessment report is to be accompanied by a brief (approximately) one-page commentary on improvements from the earlier (SPED_4_516) document. The following artifacts must be included:

  • An assessment summary as described above, where tests/assessments are administered, scored, and interpreted. The format for the integrated summary is shown as page two of this document. Please falsify or delete the student’s name.
  • Computer or hand scoring materials, including protocols, if necessary.

Scoring Rubric

  1. Format (0 to 10 points) The report is presented in a logical and complete manner. The introductory material, reason for referral, background information, assessments administered, results/findings, conclusions/impressions, and recommendations are all (a) present), and (b) contain the appropriate information. Each section is worth 2 points if both present and containing appropriate information
  2. Scoring Accuracy (0 to 5 points): Administered assessment instruments must be scored according to directions in the manual and/or by computer-driven system. Three instruments are required per assessment report at 2 points per instrument.
  3. Analysis/ Interpretation of Data (up to15 points): This criterion will be scored based on the candidate’s efforts to derive meaning from the assessment data. Up to 5 points will be awarded for the degree to which the assessment results are interpreted carefully and correctly. That is, the candidate is able to derive meaning(0-5 points) from correctly scored instruments. Up to 5 points will be awarded for integration (0- 5 points). Integration means that the candidate (a) attempts to relate scores to one another and (b) integrates information in a technically-sound manner, that is, supported by existing data. Up to 5 points will be awarded for pedagogical usefulness (0-5 points)of recommendations. To attain full credit, recommendations must be (a) present, (b) specific to student needs and assessment results, and (c) supported by assessment data. Note: More credit will be awarded if candidates “stick their necks out” by making specific recommendations.
  4. Professionalism: Up to 10 points will be awarded for the degree of professionalism evidenced by the writing. One-half point will be deducted (from 5) for each error of the following error categories: spelling, typing, word usage/grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.

Total = ________/40 = _______%

Note: The candidate must receive 85 points or more to pass the criteria (85%) and to receive a grade in student teaching

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