Electronic Portfolio - Entry 3.1/Philosophy of Education

Standard A – Central Concepts, Tools or Inquiry & History and Context

Philosophy of Education

Using the information from the inventory you completed in the class to write your philosophy of education. Double-space your paper, please. Your philosophy should address the following:

  • Introduction: What is the purpose of the paper? How will the paper be organized? One paragraph.
  • Humankind: View of the learner paragraph, underpinned by your philosophy. What do you believe to be the nature of children as learners? One paragraph.
  • Purpose of Schools in Society: What should schools contain or emphasize? What attitudes, skills and content must be focused on in the school. Three key topics, three paragraphs, that reflect your philosophy.
  • Teacher: Describe the duties and attributes that you believe contribute to highly qualified teachers in one paragraph. Describe what effective teaching strategies mirror your philosophy in a second paragraph.
  • Classroom Organization: Two paragraphs describing how your philosophy impacts how you organize your learning environment and your classroom management.
  • Conclusion: One paragraph that summarizes your information.

Grading Rubric

  • Introduction 5 pts.
  • Humankind 5 pts.
  • Purpose of Schools 15 pts.
  • Teacher 10 pts.
  • Classroom Organization 10 pts.
  • Conclusion 5 pts.

Total Possible: 50 pts.

Note: Overall writing clarity, typing errors, grammar, and thoroughness of your ideas will be taken into consideration for your grade. Edit your work!

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