Electronic Portfolio - Entry 1.2/Mission Statement

Introduction, Resume and References

Each student will write a professional mission statement, suitable for the first page of the professional student teaching portfolio or for classroom display in the future.  You should go to www.8thhabit.com for assistance in developing this mission statement.  You can use the mission statement generator from Stephen Covey’s website to help you get started.  Your mission statement should include personal goals that are measurable and would help you determine whether or not you are beginning with the “end in mind.”  You may also use the instructor’s mission statement provided to you in class as a model.  To get started, you might want to do some brainstorming about how you hope to be remembered by the students and families you’ll serve.  What would you want them to say about you?  Your values should show prominently in the finished draft.  Remember, your mission statement may change throughout your career as you develop new goals, so please save the document in a safe place.  Display it during your first year of teaching and introduce yourself to your students with it.  They will hold you accountable!   

Dory’s Professional Mission Statement

My primary purpose as a teacher educator in special education is to release human potential.

Therefore, I will strive to align my career goals with my personal and family mission. 

 I will:

  • Seek creative ways to maintain balance between my personal and professional lives.
  •  Foster love and support and minimize fear and anxiety whenever possible by being organized, clear, helpful, and industrious.
  • Be a motivator.
  • Provide teacher candidates the most honest, current, and useful knowledge by remaining current on important issues in the field of education.
  • Keep public school students and their needs central as I make professional judgments about preparing their teachers. 
  • Maintain high expectations of myself and my students.
  • Remain open to insight, committed to learning, and remind myself daily that I do not have all the answers. 
  • When issues and conflicts arise, seek first to understand and then to be understood.
  • Strive to be honest, benevolent, hopeful, respectful, fair, responsible, peaceful, and grateful.
  • Be joyful and share joy!
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