Electronic Portfolio - Entry 1.1/Biography

Introduction, Resume and References

Submitted 1 year before student teaching semester (Corresponds to SPED Jr. Block) with you other application materials.

This essay should serve as the best representation of your professionalism, communication abilities, and knowledge of the teaching environment. Cooperating teachers and principals will decide, based on what and how you write, if you will be a good student teacher candidate for their classrooms.

In 2 pages, indicate your readiness to begin teaching. Consider your coursework and readings, your clinical experiences, and expectations you have as a teacher.

  • Brief autobiographical sketch including reasons you want to become a teacher and what it means to be a professional teacher.
  • Classroom Goals – discuss motivating students to learn, appropriate curricular goals for students at your grade level and content area, effective teaching strategies to implement curricular goals, motivating students to learn, assessing whether you are meeting curricular goals in terms of student achievement.
  • Diversity – discuss your plan to include diverse perspectives in your classroom; treating all students fairly and equally.
  • Writing: Use correct English grammar and mechanics.

Format: The essay should be approximately 2 pages, paragraph style, typed and double-spaced. Include your name and page number in the upper right-hand corner of all pages. Submit 2 copies on plain, white paper, unstapled.

*From Office of Clinical Experiences Student Teaching Application Essay

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