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Teacher Quality Enhancement

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Leadership Team - Job Descriptions

Program Coordinator

Responsible for the coordination of planning, designing and organizing the activities which relate to the grant. This would include co-teaching workshops, team teaching opportunities, professional development for faculty and classroom teachers, and mentoring of the new teachers. The individual(s) will provide project leadership and have fiscal oversight.

Integrative Technology Specialist

Oversees co-teaching placements and the professional development in co-teaching. Coordinates web site design and palm pilot professional development. Utilizing assessment tools from programs, leads the work on the implementation of student teacher assessments utilizing mVal.

Research Analyst

Responsible for designing and implementing an evaluation plan that will measure the success of the objectives. Facilitate the design of any instrumentation, oversee the collection, analysis and interpretation of data and will be responsible for writing the ongoing and final reports. This individual will design the instrumentation and will compile, analyze, and assist in interpreting the data for reporting and decision-making.

Co-teaching specialist

Work as a representative from the respective department in the identification of faculty, students and cooperating teachers interested in participating in co-teaching. Provide workshops and follow up support to all participants. Collect data about the ongoing experiences. Maintain communication between the project and the department. Design and review applications for university co-teaching opportunities.

Professional Development Specialist

Work with district and university personnel in the enhancement and implementation of an induction program for new teachers. Organize professional development activities for area teachers and administrators. Assist the project directors with the mentor teacher identification process.

Teacher Quality Enhancement


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