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Teacher Quality Enhancement



(APRIL 1 – JUNE 30, 2005)








«     A meeting was held for superintendents from area districts who were invited to join in the TQE initiative. As a result of this meeting, Memorandums of Agreement were completed with six new districts: Albany, Dassel-Cokato, Foley, Kimball, Royalton and Sauk Rapids.


«     Five presentations were made on the co-teaching model to area educators – two in Kimball, and one each in Montrose, Dassel-Cokato and Buffalo HS.


«     Two additional workshops were held for P-12 educators interested in co-teaching with a teacher candidate. Sixteen teachers attended the April workshop and 73 attended the June workshop.


«     A three hour workshop was held for teacher candidates interested in co-teaching during their student teaching experience. Sixteen teacher candidates attended.


«     A half-day workshop was held for 8 university faculty who will be co-teaching in the fall.


«     All three departments that place teacher candidates have agreed to incorporate the co-teaching training into their curriculum. TQE staff and co-teaching specialists will deliver the co-teaching training at least for the first year. This is the first step in creating a lasting paradigm shift and will impact all students in teacher preparation courses at SCSU.


«     Co-teaching continues in 81 P-12 classrooms and 2 university courses this semester.


«     Applications for the fall ‘co-teacher for a day’ program were sent out to faculty.



Professional Development


«     The “You Asked For It” Professional Development Conference was held on June 14, 2005. Craig Zablocki was the keynote speaker. 384 teachers registered to attend this conference. 239 conference evaluations were received, all overwhelmingly positive. The conference included 3 breakout sessions featuring 31 different presentations.




«     The second New Teacher Gathering held on April 19, 2005 at the Kelly Inn in St. Cloud. Brooke Haycock presented “Dilated Pupils – and the Not-so-Soft Bigotry of a Nation,” a theatrical presentation of the emotionally charged issues we face in American education. Fifty-six participants attended.


«     The Professional Learning Community on Mentoring concluded their first year of study and have developed a list of recommendations for the TQE leadership team and the Professional Development Consortium to consider.



Dissemination Activities


«     A session entitled “Co-teaching as a Model in Higher Education” was presented at the American Educational Research Association conference in Montreal, Canada.


«     The TQE Leadership Retreat was held in April. This 1˝ day retreat focused on evaluation of our current progress toward benchmarks, goals for the coming year, dissemination opportunities for 2005-2006 and developing a 14 month calendar of activities.


«     An updated TQE Review was presented to the District 742 Administrative Team in May.


«     Two building contact meetings were held this quarter to further the TQE initiatives and discuss year-end data collection efforts.


Other Progress


«     Data collection this quarter has focused on P-12 focus groups (12), teacher candidate focus groups (2), cooperating teacher focus groups (2), on-line end of experience surveys for teacher candidates and cooperating teachers, self-efficacy survey for teacher candidates, satisfaction surveys by students in grades 7-12, university level co-teaching final evaluation by students, and achievement post-testing of P-12 students.


Teacher Quality Enhancement


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