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Standard 6 Unit Governance and Resources


Unit Resources Including Technology

St. Cloud State University provides a strong infrastructure of resources including technology to support teaching and learning within the campus community.  The Computing and Technology Services Division of LRTS provides campus-wide computing support, networking services, e-mail services/support, the academic Help Desk, the Computer Store, instructional television and video conferencing operations, installation and support for electronic classrooms, maintenance and operation of 700 computers in the Miller Center and 17 general access computer labs across  campus. Personnel support a campus telecommunications infrastructure with more than one million feet of optical fiber; approximately 6,847 network connections; and servers for e-mail, file, and web space accounts. This includes equipment and software for more than 22,000 user accounts utilizing nearly 1.5 terabytes of storage space.

Resources are available to support faculty members to learn new technology and software to stay current.  In 2006-2007, over 150 workshops were offered on software training and 152 training sessions were offered addressing technology topics.  Unit faculty members are active participants in these institutional opportunities.  The unit also has a full-time technology technician to support faculty and staff in their teaching and other professional activities.

The library (built in 2000) has more than 2.767 million print and non-print items; including more than 675,000 books, 1.3 million federal and state documents, 773,000 units of microfilm, nearly 1,600 periodical titles, 1,500 maps, 25,000 non-print items (computer software, compact discs, videotapes, DVDs, films, etc), and nearly 13,000 electronic periodical subscriptions that can be accessed off-campus via the library proxy service. Librarians staff the reference desk 76 hours per week. An 800 number is also available for reference questions as is e-mail. Dialup service is also provided off-campus, including non-local areas.

Assessment is a priority at St. Cloud State University; therefore, institutional and unit resources are dedicated for this important initiative.  St. Cloud State University was accepted into the Higher Learning Commission Assessment Academy, a four-year commitment of time and resources, dedicated to moving the institution forward with assessment goals. The university has a full-time assessment director and all colleges have full or part-time assessment directors.  To support the Unit’s Assessment System, the College of Education employs a full-time assessment director.  The Assessment Committee, consisting of a representative from each department, is a standing committee within the college and is facilitated by the assessment director. All graduate coordinators receive three credits reassigned time to coordinate assessment and data activities within the respective programs.  Finally, the unit employs several graduate assistants during the academic year to assist with data collection, analysis, and dissemination.

Summary: Resources are available and have been allocated across programs to provide high quality educational experiences for candidates at the initial and advanced levels.  A commitment to technology is apparent in the unit and sufficient funds are dedicated on an ongoing basis.  The unit sufficiently supports the Unit Assessment System through a full-time assessment director, reassigned time for graduate program coordinators, and graduate students who work in data collection, analysis, and dissemination.

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