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Standard 5 Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development


Modeling Best Professional Practices in Service

Service is valued by the institution and is a central component of the university mission and the evaluation process.  The service mission at the university is spelled out in the promotion, tenure, and retention process (Articles 22 and 25 of the IFO-MnSCU contract). The contract requires excellence in service that is governed by two processes: (a) the Professional Development Plan, developed by non-tenured faculty members each fall and the Professional Development Report submitted to deans in the spring. These plans and reports are vetted by colleagues and ultimately reviewed by the deans. No faculty member is retained at St. Cloud State University who does not demonstrate acceptable levels of service.

In the unit, service projects are expected to be tied to the mission of the college and university as well as the conceptual framework. Faculty members are involved in a variety of projects including writing grants, serving on editorial boards or in leadership positions in professional organizations, volunteering in classrooms, serving as faculty advisor to student organizations, acting as consultants to local schools, providing training sessions for professional development, serving on school boards, and participating on department, unit, university, and community committees. A review of grant activity within the unit indicates strong participation by faculty with 152 grants funded totaling approximately $10,593,000 from state and federal sources from 2001-2007.  The evidence is clear that faculty members are active in scholarship within their professional field. In the vita analysis, one well-established service mission of the unit is represented by local training sessions and professional development speeches. About 7 in 10 faculty members participated in at least one of these activities, totaling 393 presentations since 2001.   

Summary: Unit faculty members are committed to and demonstrate active service at the university level, within the community, and with school partners that support the mission of St. Cloud State University.  The impact of service activities is significant and spans from the local and state levels to national and international leadership and engagement.  The unit is proud of the service record and works to support these efforts in a variety of ways.


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