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Standard 2 Assessment System and Unit Evaluation



The Unit Assessment System serves as the foundation for measuring our quality of performance at the candidate, program, and unit level.  The Assessment System provides a blueprint for evaluating our current practice and planning for our future, which ultimately helps us determine if we are indeed “living” the conceptual framework.

The unit is particularly proud of the comprehensive data system that has been developed.  Even though we consider the system “a work in progress”, we continue to refine and improve all aspects within the system.  We are also pleased with three sizable research efforts related to assessment that have been undertaken within the unit. First, Davison-Jenkins (a current faculty member in the unit) and Koeppen (2007) published a book critically reviewing practice in assessment of dispositions. Second, Hoover and Ackerman (2006) presented a data-based paper on the validity of dispositional data as the measurement of dispositions at a national conference.  Third, as a result of a Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant, we have conducted significant research related to the impact on student learning from a co-teaching perspective that has received national attention and recognition.



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