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Standard 1 Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions


Professional Knowledge and Skills for Other School Professionals

Professional knowledge and skills are also essential for school counselors, educational administrators, and school library media specialists. Courses within these programs are aligned with professional, state, and institutional standards to ensure that professional knowledge and skills are taught and assessed.  To be effective, other school professionals must have a deep understanding of their students, families, and communities, be able to use current research to inform their practice, and integrate technology into their practice to enhance their work with students. 

Data are collected through a variety of internal and external sources including course-based measures, portfolio evaluations, internship evaluations and follow-up studies.  Aggregated data by program indicate that our candidates do have the professional knowledge and skills to be effective.

 Summary: Candidates preparing to become school administrators, counselors, or library media specialists have a broad understanding of their professional field, understand their role in creating a positive and safe environment for learning, and are able to apply research to increase student learning.  Candidates learn to use data to guide their decision-making and work to involve families within the community to support the learning process.


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