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Conceptual Framework

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Changes and Revisions

The conceptual framework was initially developed in the early 1990’s in concert with the professional community and continues to be reviewed and updated. During the initial development, the unit dedicated an entire year to gather input from faculty, staff, and the P-12 professional community to shape the shared vision.  In 2003-2004, an ad-hoc Conceptual Framework Committee was formed to review the conceptual framework and discuss possible revisions. The members of the ad-hoc group met monthly during that period. After a full review of the model, some concern was expressed regarding the framework’s complexity. However, in broad terms, the members of the conceptual framework committee endorsed it and requested that the committee be disbanded.

At the joint request of the NCATE Steering Committee and Dean Steffens during the 2004-2005 academic year, Associate Dean John Hoover interviewed faculty members about the conceptual model and set about to revise the narrative in light of the need for a clearer and more detailed interpretation of the model. In addition, Associate Dean Hoover was asked to create materials and events that would reinvigorate interest in the framework. To that end, the Role Performance Expectations were aligned with INTASC Principles and Minnesota Board of Teaching Standards and the narrative was rewritten. In addition, posters were constructed and promotional materials were prepared.  Finally, in 2006-2007, the unit revised the mission of the College of Education to better reflect current efforts and initiatives and align more closely with the conceptual framework.  These changes were shared with the professional communities at the unit and program levels.



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