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Student Teaching in China

Beijing Normal University
Through our university partnership with Beijing Normal University (BNU), students from approved majors will be able to student teach in Beijing, China. Opportunities exist for student teaching in an elementary, middle school, or high school affiliated with BNU. In China, the Ministry of Education established a policy for all students, beginning in Grade 3, to learn English. Students who student teach in this setting would teach English classes and other language arts and math lessons that promote growth and development of the English language. Students would live on the campus of BNU in an international residence hall and ride a metro bus to the school where they are placed. Beijing is the historical capital of China, where the political leadership exists. This experience will provide an opportunity to live and student teach in a culture and society that is very different from Central Minnesota!

Special placements Exist in China for Early Childhood and Special Education Majors.
Chinese StudentEarly childhood majors will have the opportunity to student teach in a bi-lingual early childhood program in Xi’an, China. This program serves Chinese children ages 3-7 who are learning English. The school is very excited to have student teachers from SCSU participate in their bilingual program! Through participation in this program, you would increase your global and intercultural competencies, living in Xi’an and teaching Chinese children.

Special education majors will have the opportunity to student teach in a program in Shanghai that was initiated by teachers from Minnesota. The program serves children with disabilities from international families. In China, international schools are not required to educate children with disabilities. Therefore, this program was started to meet the need for families who are working in China. The language of instruction is English and the educational model implemented is based upon the US model of education for children with special needs.

For information on student teaching in China during the 2011-2012 academic year, please contact Dr. Kathy Johnson at

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