Global Education

Student Teaching Abroad

The Office of Clinical Experience is developing international student teaching opportunities for all major areas of study. We aspire to promote cost affordable, life changing opportunities that are accessible for all students. Through participating in the programs offered by the Office of Clinical Experiences, students are NOT REQUIRED to pay a service fee for the international placement. However, students are responsible to purchase their airline ticket, visa, passport and all living expenses (in most cases comparable to the expenses for living in St. Cloud).

Available Student Teaching abroad opportunities through SCSU:

During an international student teaching experience, you will:

  • gain student teaching experience in a rich, cross-cultural environment
  • learn about the history, political environment, and social/cultural values of other countries
  • attain a comparative perspective of education
  • increase global competencies and skills for working within another culture and within the diverse cultures in the United States
  • improve skills in pedagogy and develop lessons and activities for teaching about other countries 

The vision of this collaborative project is to grow and develop the capability of a high quality, sustainable international student teaching experience/program for students within the School of Education at SCSU.

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