Global Education

Short Term Education-Abroad Opportunities

Short Term Education-Abroad Opportunities are 2-3 week study programs that expand your knowledge of the world by providing first-hand experiences outside the United States.

The programs are managed through the SCSU Center for International Studies, but are directed by faculty from the School of Education. Each program has a specific focus area.

  • England
    Dr. Mert Thompson and Dr. Marcia Thompson
    Eligible programs: Open to all students - graduate or undergraduate.
  • Italy
    Dr. Christine Imbra
    Eligible programs: Higher Education Administration, Master's and Doctoral Students, and other Graduate Programs
  • China
    Dr. Kathy Johnson and Dr. Ming Chi Own
    Eligible programs: Open to all education majors
  • South Korea
    Dr. Kyounghee Seo
    Eligible Programs: Open to all students across campus

For more information about these programs, contact the faculty member or the Center for International Studies.

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