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Train - The - Trainer

This workshop is an intensive two day training that provides universities and school districts with the background and materials to implement co-teaching in their own program.

Co-Teaching: Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Participants in this two-day Co-Teaching Train-the-Trainer workshop gain in-depth knowledge of both the quantitative and qualitative data gathered on co-teaching in student teaching; they identify key personnel needed for successful implementation, learn ways to secure university and district buy-in, discover the essentials of a co-teaching workshop, gain knowledge of co-teaching and co-planning strategies, and identify ways to support university supervisors, and much much more!

What’s best is we’ll bring the workshop to you!

Participants receive a CD containing materials, activities and handouts developed by our program along with PowerPoint presentations that can be used and/or modified to fit your institution.  Participants completing both days of training are licensed to use our copyrighted materials at their home institution.

We encourage colleges, universities and their school partners to participate as a team – preferably with 3-5 colleagues so that they can discuss adaptations, modifications, changes, and implications in their own program. A team also provides support as participants return to their institution and begin to implement co-teaching in their own program. Co-Teaching should be a programmatic shift – not an individual initiative.

Those who attend the training will provide the leadership for your institution and school partners as you develop and implement the co-teaching model of student teaching.

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