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Co-Teaching DVD

Changing Student Teaching Through Co-Teaching:
Collaboration That Makes A Difference
This 75 minute DVD - Changing Student Teaching Through Co-Teaching: Collaboration That Makes A Difference includes footage from co-taught classrooms, interviews with teacher candidates, cooperating teachers, and school and university administrators, all of whom have participated in the co-teaching initiative. The DVD is divided into 7 chapters; it is intended to be used as a training tool or resource for learning more about co-teaching in student teaching. Chapter One, an Introduction to Co-Teaching may be viewed in its entirety; you may view an excerpt from each of the other chapters by clicking on the chapter title.

DVD cost is $129.00 U.S.
DVD and Handbook cost is $149.99 U.S.

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Co-Teaching Handbook

Mentoring Teacher Candidates Through Co-Teaching
This handbook (available July 2010) includes detailed information on the history of co-teaching, what co-teaching is and is not, and why you would incorporate co-teaching into your student teaching program. In addition, the handbook provides achievement data comparing 3 types of classrooms:

  • a classroom co-taught with a teacher candidate and a cooperating teacher;
  • a classroom with one licensed teacher alone, and;
  • a classrooms using the traditional model of student teaching.

The handbook also includes training and activity ideas for cooperating teachers, teacher candidates and university supervisors; strategies for co-planning and co-teaching; some obstacles to be aware of, along with related costs and resources you may need.

Handbook cost: $49.00 U.S.
Handbook and DVD: $149.00 U.S.

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