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SCSU Buddy Program
Approximately 80 second and third graders from District 742’s Lincoln Elementary School team up annually with School of Education students in a Service Learning Project called the SCSU Buddy Program.  Once a week, students meet for 30 minutes on a one-on-one visit with a designated child. During this experience Lincoln students learn and practice appropriate social skills and grow in their problem solving and decision making skills. Literacy is emphasized through multiple instructional strategies and the sharing of children’s literature. Children at Lincoln often tell their SCSU Buddies they would never be absent on a Buddy Day! Every child in a classroom receives a Buddy and this one-on-one time is reported to be a highlight of the week. SCSU students also learn. One student remarked, “I learned so much about myself through my Buddy – things I couldn’t have learned in a college classroom alone! Being able to have a connection with a child is a remarkable feeling.  Dr. Kathy Ofstedal directs the Buddy Program.

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